Caitlin Liveblogs Fifty Shades Darker: Chapter 6 [Part 2]

[disclaimer: I don’t own any of the gifs used in this post. If you see a gif that you created and would either like credit for it or would like it taken down, please let me know.]

After Christian gives Ana the mask for the masquerade ball, they have a glass of champagne and he takes her and shows her a room in his apartment that she’s never seen before. It’s a library, and no doubt this is an homage to Beauty and the Beast, which is one of my favorite Disney movies, even though it’s clearly about Stockholm Syndrome and a pretty abusive relationship, at least it starts out that way. I’m sure that’s not a coincidence.

Ana gets a mind boner, of course. Apparently there’s also a pool table in the library, and Christian says something about challenging Ana to a game of billiards sometime.

[20 bucks says they bone all over that pool table within the next 3 chapters.]

They get to Christian’s parents house and get their picture taken. We get a description of the place, and it’s all really boring and everyone sounds really fucking rich and it’s just annoying. Apparently 300 people are expected to come. Why is everyone so stupid rich? Jesus.

Christian’s adoptive sister Mia runs over and steals Ana away to introduce Ana to her friends. One of Mia’s friends, a girl named Lily, is kind of standoffish, but Mia calls her out on it. Apparently Lily wanted Christian, but that’s not really interesting news considering the fact that Christian makes all the ladies’ panties drop just by breathing near them. Trust me, Lily, you’re better off without him.

Christian introduces Ana to a million other rich people, and Ana continues drinking champagne. Ana is going to get wasted, and I am SO EXCITED. I hope she causes a scene.

God this chapter is so boring.

Dinner is served, and of course it’s extravagent, and the dining room is ridiculously well furnished and everyone has so much money I feel a little nauseous with rage.

At the table, there’s a dinner menu, which is reproduced for us in its entirety, because apparently we’re supposed to care what obnoxious bullshit these rich bastards are eating.

Ana listens to Christian talk to other rich bastards about business and shit, and Ana realizes that she knows almost nothing about what Christian does. MAYBE THAT’S BECAUSE THE TWO OF YOU NEVER ACTUALLY TALK, YOU JUST FUCK CONSTANTLY AND THEN ARGUE AND THEN FUCK SOME MORE.

Ana goes to the bathroom and takes out the silver balls and stashes them in her purse. I bet that purse smells really wonderful. I hope she washed the balls off first.

An auction starts, and one of the things is for a week long stay at some place in Aspen that Christian owns. Ana for some reason decides to bid $24,000 on it, which just happens to be the same amount of money that Christian gave her for her old car, which he forcibly took from her and had sold off.

Ana wins the auction. Naturally, Christian gets really pissed off.



-End of Chapter Six-

Seriously that chapter was so boring that it only took me 1.5 posts to get through it all. It wasn’t interesting, nothing fun happened, it was all mostly description and useless internal dialogue from Ana that never revealed anything new.

Maybe Chapter 7 will be better.

I mean, this chapter is ending with Christian being really pissed at Ana, so I’m sure we’ll get some delightfully repulsive emotional and probably sexual abuse from him in the next chapter. He does so love to treat Ana horribly whenever she does something he doesn’t agree with.

See you Wednesday!


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