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Last Updated: October 1st, 2014

Just in case you’re confused when I mention a character, here are some brief bios of all characters we’ve met so far in the 50 Shades trilogy (alphabetized by first name):

[WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. If you have not read all the books and/or read all my liveblogs, you may spoil things for yourself by reading this character list! This list is up-to-date with the liveblogs, and contains no information that may be revealed later in the series.]

  • Anastasia Steele: Recent college grad, about 22 years old. Loves tea, classic literature, and Christian Grey. Broke up with Christian for less than one week after he beat her with a belt, but took him back almost immediately because he said he wanted to try having a more “vanilla” relationship with her as her boyfriend, not her Dom. Now has a job working for SIP, a small publishing company in Seattle as Jack Hyde’s personal assistant.
  • Carla…?: I don’t think we know Carla’s last name yet. Carla is Ana’s mom. Currently lives in Georgia with her 4th husband, Bob. Consistently gives Ana bad advice about men.
  • Carrick Grey: Christian’s adoptive father. He’s a…uh…lawyer? I guess? Also makes oodles of money.
  • Cheryl: Ana’s vagina. Ana refuses to refer to Cheryl by name, and insists on referring to her vagina by saying “there,” as in “He kisses me…there!”. This hurts Cheryl’s feelings. This is not canon, but words cannot express how badly I want it to be.
  • Christian Grey: Apparently known as “God’s Gift to Women.” About 28 years old. Is the CEO of his own company, although no one seems to know what that company really does. Somehow makes $100,000 an hour. Birth mother was a “Crack Whore;” was abused by the “Crack Whore’s” “pimp.” Was adopted by Grace Trevelyan when he was about 4 years old. Has an adoptive brother, Elliot, and sister, Mia. Has severe mental health issues. Likes BDSM, is a Dom, and used to have Submissive women instead of girlfriends. He likes to beat women, basically. He also now owns SIP, the company that Ana works for. He’s also a controlling and emotionally abusive husband, and if this series ends with his fiery death, I wouldn’t be at all upset.
  • Dr. Flynn: I think his first name is John, but we’re just going to call him Dr. Flynn. He’s Christian’s psychiatrist/therapist, though he hasn’t really helped Christian overcome his weird “I feel the need to beat women” thing. Originally from England.
  • Elena Lincoln, AKA “Mrs. Robinson”: One of Grace Trevelyan’s friends. Had a BDSM relationship with Christian when he was 15. He broke it off when he got into his 20’s, but they have remained good friends ever since. Her husband owns Lincoln Timber, and is apparently an asshole, but we don’t know why. Ana hates Elena with every fiber of her being. Ana and Elena got into it at a party, and Grace found out about Elena’s past relationship with Christian. Needless to say, no one has talked to Elena in awhile, because she’s a literal sexual predator and child abuser.
  • Elliot Grey: Christian’s adoptive brother. I think he’s older? Maybe? Or the same age. I have no idea. Currently dating Ana’s friend Kate Kavanagh. Says annoying things like “Laters, baby,” a phrase which is later adopted by literally every other character in the book. UPDATE: Has allegedly fucked most of Seattle.
  • Ethan Kavanagh: Kate’s older? younger? brother. Is supposed to move in to Kate and Ana’s apartment in Seattle. Is apparently really attractive, just like every other person in this book. May or may not be interested in Mia.
  • Gail Jones: Christian’s housekeeper and cook. Only works during the week. Is really nice, especially to Ana.
  • Gia Matteo: The architect who’s redesigning Christian and Ana’s new house. She was recommended by Elliot, who also apparently had a fling with her in the past, but now they’re just friends. She tried to seduce Christian (because she’s blonde and therefore evil) literally right in front of Ana, but Ana, in one of her few awesome moments, shut Gia down pretty hard. Christian once referred to her as a “sexual predator,” which clearly displays how little Christian actually knows about the meaning of that word.
  • Grace Trevelyan: Christian’s adoptive mother. She’s a doctor who apparently also makes oodles of money, though perhaps not quite as much as her son.
  • Jack Hyde: Ana’s boss at SIP. Is exceedingly creepy, and obviously wants to sleep with Ana. Calls Ana “honey” and has alarming mood swings. There’s some funny business in his past regarding his previous personal assistants, though we’re not sure what happened to them. His name is an obvious homage to Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde, so you know he’s bad news. UPDATE: Tried to blackmail and sexually assault Ana, an encounter that ended when Ana showed some uncharacteristic badassery and kicked him in the balls. Hyde was forcibly removed from SIP, and is now stalking and trying to kidnap Ana/hurt Christian for unknown reasons. He allegedly started a fire at “Grey House” (which is maybe Christian’s office? I’m not really sure?), and also broke into Christian’s apartment to try and kidnap Ana. Is currently in jail.
  • Jason Taylor (Referred to mostly as just Taylor): Christian’s head of security/bodyguard/personal assistant/bitch. Does whatever Christian tells him to do, including going out and buying new clothes for Ana (such as a new bra and panties). Seems like a really nice guy. Is in a relationship with Gail Jones. Also has a daughter.
  • José Rodriguez: One of Ana’s close friends. Went to college with Ana. Was/is in love with Ana, but when he tried to make a move (by basically assaulting her in the parking lot of a bar while they were both very drunk), Ana refuses him (although he doesn’t listen and continues trying to kiss her until Christian makes him stop). Ana and José are still friends. He’s a photographer, and had a very successful photography showing that prominently featured pictures of Ana taken without her permission. He’s pretty much dropped off the face of the earth in book 3.
  • Kate Kavanagh: Ana’s best friend. Inexplicably rich. Was a journalism major, though now that she’s graduated it’s unclear whether she has a job or not. Is dating Christian’s brother Elliot. Is secretly Ana’s soulmate and they’re madly in love and will eventually realize it and ride off into the sunset on their beautiful unicorns of joy and wonder.
  • Leila…?: One of Christian’s former Submissives. Recently had a mental breakdown, and stalked Ana. She was found in Ana’s apartment with a gun, but Christian told her to sit, so she sat, like a dog. Because that’s a thing that happens apparently. Is now back with her parents on the East Coast somewhere, and is in therapy.
  • Mia Grey: Christian’s adoptive younger sister. Very outgoing and bubbly in the most abrasive and annoying way possible. Has the hots for Ethan.
  • Ray Steele:  Ana’s stepfather, who married Ana’s mother, Carla, after Ana’s biological father died. Ray and Carla later got a divorce for…reasons? Ana considers Ray her “real” dad, and lived with him for awhile because she didn’t get along with her mother’s 3rd husband. Apparently taught Ana some useful skills like how to handle a gun, although we’ve yet to see her do anything actually useful, so I’m starting to doubt this.
  • …Sawyer?: Not sure of his first name. Another one of Christian’s security people. Is charged with watching/protecting Ana when she goes to work.

If you think of a character that’s not on this list, let me know! More will be added as more people are introduced, so be sure to check back!

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      • Thanks! There are so many evil-blondes, I can understand how she slipped your mind. I have a pseudo-theory that they may all be the same woman, and Ana comes up with different names for them, like how she did for a while with Mrs. Robinson. It’s messy, but I’m still keeping an eye out for evidence.

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