These posts began on my private Tumblr, and I’ve decided to make them more accessible, so I’m moving it to WordPress.

My name’s Caitlin. I’m 22, and I recently graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Fiction Writing.

I consider myself a writer, although whether or not other people consider me as such is less than certain.

I also tend to swear a lot more than this About page would suggest, so be forewarned.

DISCLAIMER: None of the gifs I use in my post belong to me. I have not created them nor do I claim them as mine. If you see a gif that was created by you or someone you know and would either like to receive credit for it or would prefer that I take it down, please let me know, either in the comments or by emailing me at CBrodie21@Gmail.com.

I also do not own any of the quotes I pull from any of the books I am liveblogging…thank goodness.

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